Our software package Armaor was designed to help our customers increase productivity. Armaor fully achieves this objective by optimizing every production stage and its logistics environment (deliveries, invoicing, etc.).

Our software covers basic functions such as: Order management, machine parameters management, production planning, cutting optimization, delivery notes, stock management. It also offers optional modules such as traceability, real-time production supervision, employee management. Furthermore, all the data are available and usable by our customers, who can use the statistical processing we provide to improve the production process.

While we make a point of responding to our customers’ requests in the most efficient way possible, we also take pride in sharing our know-how and offering advice. We are committed to providing customers with the solutions best suited to their environment, and finding new solutions means we’re engaged in permanent technological evolution. We’re using software tools to find ways to enhance production output and stability and to improve feedback, helping customers to better manage their business.

Armaor Light

This Armaor version, downloadable from the link below, allows you to access the Armaor world and to discover its main functions. Please note that this fully functional version is already used by many rebar factories with smaller production volumes.